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Its all about feeling at home even when you’re away from home with your own kitchen, dining room, bedroom and laundry. ChennaiStayz Serviced Apartment offers Studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments till 8 bed rooms.  Each apartment has been spaciously designed with quality fittings. A serviced apartment represents greater value for money and a better place to stay compared to traditional small hotel rooms.

Chennai StayZ provides stylish and spacious serviced apartments. . All our serviced apartments are centrally located close to transport links, shops and restaurants and all offer fully equipped kitchens, flat screen TVs, unlimited free broadband internet and high levels of security and safety. Our 24 hour guest services team will make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay, working day and night for your peace of mind.


Our dedicated team works tirelessly with you, your travel management, relocation, departments to provide quality serviced accommodation within your budget and to your timescales. Whether you need to accommodate senior executives or project teams, ChennaiStayz has all kinds serviced accommodation solution to meet your needs. And as we own and have access to the majority of our accommodation portfolio we really are able to fully guarantee the comfort and well-being of your employees. Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we take pride in delivering high standards of accommodation and a consistently positive customer experience.

Why choose a serviced apartment?

Location, location, location. Whether you are travelling on business or for leisure, it is essential that you are close to amenities and well connected by excellent travel links. By hand-picking each of our serviced accommodation, we can guarantee that your serviced apartment will be the most convenient choice for your stay – whatever its purpose and duration be.

The inherent flexibility of a serviced apartment means you do not have to compromise on any level. Stay in and entertain your guests from a fully equipped kitchen, relax after a long day of meetings, take advantage of the surrounding nightlife – the choice is yours. Often more affordable than a hotel, the value of having your own space is priceless.

Whether it’s for a week away with your family, to accommodate one individual in a short-stay business let, or several large groups in corporate housing for an interim contract or business relocation, Chennai StayZ has a serviced accommodation solution to meet your needs. Our dedicated team deliver nothing less than service excellence – from meticulous standards of housekeeping, through to a streamlined reservations process. It’s hassle free.

Business travel doesn’t have to be a chore. Choose an executive serviced apartment, sit back and relax! Whether you are staying a few nights or much longer, booking a serviced apartment will ensure that your business stay is hassle-free, your space, your time, your choice.

More space and more facilities. Is what a serviced apartment is all about. A serviced apartment delivers so much more than a hotel. Expect complimentary internet, secure entry systems, a fully equipped kitchen, including fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher and television – all as standard. Space to relax, space to work, space to sleep – however you use it, it’s your space at your service.

Do your own thing:

In our serviced apartments Chennai StayZ   you can live to your own timetable, doing what you want, when you want. So, if this means washing your clothes at midnight, eating breakfast at the crack of dawn, or relaxing with a takeaway in front of the TV after a long day – feel free! Relax, enjoy and be at Home.

Live life to your own timetable – no matter where you are. With ChennaiStayz, enjoy all the benefits of a five star hotel, without compromising your independence

For leisure, serviced apartments are a welcome alternative to a hotel for today’s leisure travellers and those visiting family and friends. Our selection of contemporary executive suites and one and two-bedroom serviced accommodation is first choice for visitors to the city looking for more space and flexibility.

We at Chennai StayZ, offer you a unique home from home environment, including fully equipped kitchens, stylish living areas, broadband – the list goes on! As well as not having to rely on restaurants or room service, there’s also no hotel timetable to stick to; make breakfast when you want, wash your clothes at no extra cost, order a takeaway, invite friends over – it’s just like home! With greater freedom and more privacy than a hotel, there’s no contest.

The reasons people stay in serviced apartments are varied – they are visiting family or friends who don’t have the room to put them up, they’re on a weekend shopping trip, they want a stopover after a long journey or a base after a hectic day visiting theme parks. The reasons people choose Chennai StayZ are always the same – they want service excellence, independence, flexibility and value.

Serviced apartments provide a hassle free accommodation solution with no hidden extras like gas or electricity bills, delivering tailor made accommodation packages that suit the needs of each client.

Booking made easy

We make booking apartments easy, with a hassle free, flexible service managed by our well trained, knowledgeable reservations team. Chennai StayZ with experienced consultants will take the time to understand your requirements and work in a way which suits you best. We’ll work within the budget you set, speed up the booking process but never compromise on our service levels or the accommodation on offer.

With the economy booming and IT and ITeS sectors being in demand, a growing number of expat professionals are packing their bags to kick-start their   overseas business operations in India. And this is exactly the fraternity that is pushing the growing demand for service apartments in our country.

The potential for this market to grow, though the base is pretty small right now, is extremely high, particularly due to the services sector and increased penetration in not just primary, but secondary and tertiary markets as well. The sectors generating this demand are IT, ITes, BPO, KPO, bio-technology and to some extent manufacturing, particularly during new setups, consulting and financial services, infrastructure and telecom. This demand is expected to rise with the projected growth path of the Indian economy, which in turn will increase the demand for serviced apartment and tourism.

Another big segment that could start using serviced apartments will be visitors for medical tourism. There could be players who will build serviced apartments next to large hospitals to cater to that kind of demand. People coming in for this purpose have no time limit, as the treatment can take enn number of days, if it is a surgery based one, all the more time consuming, hence, on such occasions, more than hotels, it is the service apartment that comes handy, more space, less money, self use kitchen, wash whenever you like, watch TV as you please, visitors are allowed, no restrictions to timing, live as live at your Home. So it is best to opt for Chennai StayZ, as these apartments are in the heart of the city, easy accessible to hospitals, shops, hotels, temples, markets, bus stands, railway stations, airport and what more do you require?

Come to Chennai, and stay in ChennaiStayZ, you will feel the difference.


A luxury at your call. Get a sneak peek view of ChennaiStayz, an alternative to Hotel.

ChennaiStayz is a serviced apartment which is equivalent to a hotel in comforts and amenities, but extremely lesser on cost when compared. A place very suitable for short time or long time stay, with family on a holiday can be very ideal, as the entire family stays together like at home, unlike a Hotel where either more than one room has to be hired or an extra bed has to be ordered (if there is just one or two children), but becomes very cumbersome and less spacious. At times the very purpose of holiday privacy for the parents is lost. Here is the difference when it comes to renting out a place to stay: a serviced apartment is spacious, privacy taken care, children or your tagged along guest can have a room for themselves still will be in your vicinity, you don’t’ lose a chance of dining together, watching TV together, having fun as a family matters the most when you are out on a holiday – YES? And one last thing being, cooking one’s own meal, if need be can happen only in a serviced apartment. All these comes in a never expected package, monetarily not heavy on your wallet yet all comforts and luxury at your service 24/7

When you are on official tour, you have the privacy, comfort, service, accessibility to reach any and every part of the city, mobility etc. You just have to ask and the request will be taken care of. This is all the more ideal when you are on the official trip as a team (more than one), because you are at freedom to have your personal meetings with your team, discussions, vendor meetings, and helps you in saving your precious time and money.

The humongous increase in tourism and travel has paved way in the booming of service apartments at the expense of the Hotels. Benefits are many,Home based Serviced Apartments Chennai sophistication is well taken care, and privacy and comfort are the core basics. With international travel becoming easily available, and more and more people opting for a family holiday, the best bet is serviced apartments. Because they offer concrete benefits to the traveller. They are highly cost effective compared to hotel rooms; space is biggest asset here, as a group of people can stay together as there will be always more than one bed room, cook a meal when desired and save expense, or just relax and have fun!

With a boom in tourism and travel, SERVICE APARTMENTS  CHENNAI are here to stay and rule.

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